MELTT DESIGN is an interior design team that provides bespoke commercial designs and provides creative advice to business owners, developers and marketing agencies. MELTT blends functional design with market-sensitive concepts, minimises project complexities and delivers attractive solutions to clients.

Melissa Therese Twidale 

Director Design, Dreamer & Action Woman

Melissa Therese Twidale is a professional Interior Designer and Contractor who melds client visions and quality resources to deliver unique design solutions for clients. She has a Bachelor Degree in Interior Design.



Over the past nine years, Melissa Twidale has delivered beautiful, tailored and functional interior design solutions designs for commercial, hospitality, residential and renovations projects, including Rebel Muse, Treehouse Bar, Groomed, Molo Live and Weston Rise Apartments. She has also honed a complimentary suite of creative and business-focused skills through 15 years' experience in Event Management, Sales and Marketing, and the Performing Arts.




Hospitality & Retail Design/Fit-Out

Design & Styling (Sensitive to Brand Identity)

Product Specification

Custom Furniture Design, Glazing Decals & Lighting Design

Documentation & Drafting (AS Compliant)

3D Renderings

Experience across 10k - 600k value projects

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“Melissa is an outstanding designer and has sound knowledge of current trends and materials.  Our brief was delivered with care and attention to detail and are very happy with the final result. I would recommend Melissa for anyone considering an interior design professional.“


Nathan Beer

Nathan Beer & Associates



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